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Lovedale Long Lunch

The Lovedale Long Lunch: A Gastronomic Adventure in Hunter Valley, NSW

Located in the picturesque Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, the Lovedale Long Lunch has become a beloved annual event that celebrates the region's world-class wines and exquisite cuisine. Drawing food and wine enthusiasts from across the country, this culinary extravaganza offers visitors an opportunity to indulge in delectable dishes, sample exquisite wines, and enjoy the stunning countryside. In this blog post, we will explore the highlights of the Lovedale Long Lunch and delve into the various venues that participate in this gastronomic adventure. Additionally, we'll uncover the charms of Ironstone Estate as an ideal accommodation option for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the Hunter Valley experience.

The Lovedale Long Lunch Experience

The Lovedale Long Lunch is an event that spans over a weekend, typically held in May, showcasing the region's finest wines and gastronomic offerings. It brings together some of Hunter Valley's most renowned wineries, restaurants, and local producers in the charming Lovedale region. The festival embraces the concept of a progressive-style lunch, where attendees move from one participating venue to another, enjoying a different course and wine pairing at each stop.

The venues participating in the Lovedale Long Lunch are carefully selected to provide visitors with a diverse culinary experience. Each venue offers a unique ambiance and menu, ensuring a delightful journey through the flavors of Hunter Valley. Let's explore some of the prominent venues that make this event so special:

  1. Tatler Wines: Tatler Wines is known for its picturesque vineyard and exceptional wines. Here, visitors can savor a gourmet feast crafted using locally sourced produce, complemented by Tatler's award-winning wines.
  2. Gartelmann Wines: Gartelmann Wines offers a warm and inviting setting, with breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards. Their menu features contemporary Australian cuisine, thoughtfully paired with their premium wines.
  3. Sandalyn Estate: Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Lovedale, Sandalyn Estate provides a tranquil backdrop for a memorable dining experience. Guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal while taking in the panoramic views of the estate's vineyards.
  4. Wandin Valley Estate: Wandin Valley Estate is renowned for its rustic charm and scenic beauty. This historic property hosts a unique dining experience, combining traditional dishes with a modern twist, accompanied by their signature wines.

Ironstone Estate: The Perfect Accommodation

While the Lovedale Long Lunch is a day-long affair, fully immersing oneself in the Hunter Valley experience calls for a comfortable and convenient place to stay. Among the various accommodation options, Ironstone Estate stands out as a top choice for visitors looking for a memorable retreat.

Nestled in the heart of Lovedale, Ironstone Estate offers luxurious self-contained houses, allowing guests to experience the ultimate blend of relaxation and sophistication. The estate boasts elegant accommodations, complemented by modern amenities and picturesque surroundings.

The Houses at Ironstone Estate are designed to provide utmost comfort and privacy. Each House features spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, private courtyards, and inviting bedrooms. The contemporary decor exudes elegance, while the large windows offer stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and landscapes.

Furthermore, Ironstone Estate provides guests with access to an array of facilities, including a swimming pool, Hot Tubs and barbecue area. Whether one desires a relaxing swim or a friendly game of tennis, these amenities cater to every need. The attentive and friendly staff at Ironstone Estate ensure that guests' stay is truly unforgettable.

Another advantage of choosing Ironstone Estate as your base during the Lovedale Long Lunch is its proximity to the participating venues. Guests can conveniently explore the festival's culinary delights

Lovedale Long Lunch is an annual event where food and wine lovers gather. There are people in all Australia that are enthusiastic about the annual event. Everyone is invited to participate and join the fun!

Every May, Hunter Valley’s top chefs as well as the seven best wineries in town unite. As a result, be ready to have a weekend full of food, wine, and fun!

The food festival will be a ground not only for local entertainers but also talented artists. You will drool from all the gourmet food as well as their Instagram-worthy plating.

Gather your closest and coolest friends, and join the most awaited event in Hunter Valley. 

It is definitely one of the best weekend getaways, so don’t miss out! Experience Lovedale Long Lunch as well as its most exquisite food and top-notch wines.

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