Lodge rules

House Rules

Below are the housekeeping guidelines for your information:

Please consider...

  • Keep young children in your sight at all times
  • There are two dams on the property with no fencing
  • Dam water is used in outside taps around the house
  • Treat the house and furniture as if it was your own
  • Park in the car spaces provided at the house
  • Please shower before getting in the pool or spa
  • Be careful of creepy crawlies, spiders, ants, gonnas, kangaroos and snakes
  • Please switch off all lights and air-conditioning when leaving the house
  • Please remember to TURN OFF gas cylinder on BBQ after use
  • Clean up after your pets inside and outside the house

Switches and whatnot

  • Please remember to TURN OFF gas cylinder on BBQ after use
  • Please switch off ALL lights and AC when leaving
  • Please turn off electronic appliances when leaving
  • Don't forget to unplug kitchen appliances after use, such as microwave, oven, toaster, etc.

How Can You Help...

  • Please clean up as you go including BBQ, Oven, Stove, Microwave, Kitchen
  • Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided
  • Separate your Glass Bottles, Paper/Cardboard, Cans and Plastics in tubs provided
  • Dispose of ALL sanitary products in the bathroom garbage bins
  • We have Smart TV's so you can login to your Netflix, YouTube and Spotify account
  • Enjoy your showers and baths however we are only on tank water
  • Tag in Ironstone Estate on social media posts
  • Your direct feedback is important so we can make your stay more enjoyable in the future
  • If you are enjoying your stay please tell your friends and give us a 5 star google review

No No! Please...

  • Do Not use sticky table, blue tac, or glue on the walls or ceiling
  • Do Not move the furniture inside or outside
  • Do Not remove any items from the property
  • Do Not smoke inside the house
  • Do Not drive on the grass anywhere
  • Do Not have loud music or noise after 11pm
  • Do Not use fireworks of any kind on the property
  • Do Not use glassware in our around the pool or spa
  • Do Not allow pets to sleep on the furniture
  • Do Not have fires outside of the fire places
  • Do Not invite extra guests to visit the property
  • Do Not flush sanitary products or "flushable wet wipes" in the toilet

Please Note

  • We have free wifi! Rate us on google, you should try
  • The house has a smart TV, feel free to login to your Netflix accounts
  • We apologise for the extensive list of requests and we do realise that for the majority of our guests, this list is not necessary.

When leaving Ironstone Estate...

Here are your guidelines:

Check Out Process

  • Checkout time is 10am, unless stated otherwise.
  • Please leave the house and grounds in the same clean tidy condition as you found it
  • Place the rubbish in the bins provided
  • All broken glass has been cleaned up
  • All washing up and dishes need to be cleaned properly
  • Be sure to check the oven, stove and bbq to make sure they are clean

Lock'em up

For the safety and security of the property, please lock all the doors and windows of the house and place the keys on the kitchen bench when leaving.

Save the earth, conserve energy

When leaving the house, please make sure ALL the lights and Air Conditioners have been switched off, Make sure any inside or outside fires are safe or have been put out.

Keys, please

When leaving, please do not forget to leave the keys. You can hang them on the key hooks located in the kitchen.

Call or text us to advise that you are leaving:
Georgia: 0458222747
Luke: 0401071619